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Fire Training in Alice Springs, Warden Training, Evacuations and compliance

Consultancy & Training

Fire Extinguisher Training


We offer fully compliant Extinguisher Training throughout Central Australia 

Our Training complies with the Northern Territory Legislation.

With over 30 years experience in the Fire Protection and Emergency Management arena, all training is based on National Training packages and developed for your site. We do not deliver off the shelf training

Emergency Wardens


C.E.R.T doesn’t just teach your team to be “Fire” Wardens, we teach them the skills required to take control in any emergency situation. 

Help us protect your business by educating your team in Emergency Management not just as Fire Wardens

This training is developed in accordance with PUAWER005B Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

Fire Compliance (AS3745)


At C.E.R.T we are specialist in fire safety compliance - this includes Emergency Plans, Evacuation Diagrams, Annual Evacuations Exercises and all other aspects of Fire Safety  &Emergency Management responsibilities. 

We visit your business and conduct a risk assessment, if you don’t have procedures in place we can assist in writing these. Everything we do is in consultation with your team and written specifically for your business

Bomb Threat


One of the most overlooked training sessions, especially for Government departments is Bomb Threat Training. 

Contact C.E.R.T about our training package today to ensure your staff understand what to do. 

Armed Offender


 Our system helps to minimize the risk to your team and giving them the tools to make informed decisions. 

In today’s society this is a very real threat, regardless of your industry everyone is at risk of an armed aggressive  offender / today. 

This program deals in very real everyday scenarios and will help equip your team with skills to cope with these situations 

Evacuation Diagrams


There are 19 basic points which must be on an Evacuation Diagram. Do yours Comply?

We offer a very professional and competitive service, our Evacuation Diagrams are not just printed on plain paper and laminated they are produced by a professional printing company on a variety of print mediums - contact us for a free audit of your Evacuation Diagrams




CERT is able to now offer maintenance on the following Systems.

For more information or pricing please contact us via our contact page

Fire Extinguishers/ Blankets & Hose Reels

We offer routine service in accordance with the current NT legislation, you receive your report via email as soon as we have finished

Safety Showers/ Eye wash Stations

Starting January 2020 we will be offering service to these items in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Emergency Exit Lights

6 Monthly Discharge tests and reporting as required by the Australian Standrads