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Extract from Fire and Emergency Regulation

11 Emergency planning for certain buildings

(1)The owner of a prescribed building must ensure all persons who work in the building are given instruction in accordance with subregulation (2) on measures for the protection of persons in the building from fire and fire related emergencies:

(a) not later than 30 days after commencing work in the building; and

(b) at intervals of not more than 12 months while they continue to work in the building. 

(2) The instruction must include information relating to the following:

(a) the means of access to and egress from the building;

(b) the location of fire-fighting equipment available in the building and the method of use of the equipment;

(c) the location of warning apparatus in the building and the method of use of the apparatus;

(d) for persons nominated as fire wardens for areas of the building:

(i) conducting other persons to the means of egress mentioned in paragraph (a) or a place of safety; and

(ii) the methods of accounting for persons and reporting to the person for the time being in charge of the building.

(3) The owner of a prescribed building must keep a register containing details of the following:

(a) the information to be given to persons working in the building;

(b) the name of the person responsible for giving the instruction required by this regulation and the date on which such instruction was given;

(c) the names of the persons or the groups of persons to whom instruction was given and a description of the kind of instruction given.

4) The owner must produce the register for inspection on demand by a member. 

As you can see from this information, these instructions MUST be site specific. 

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